Win your precious time back

with the best pharmacy app.

You work too hard to be still doing things ‘the old way’.  You can win back time right away by getting a fully-branded pharmacy app that patients love to use. This means your phone rings substantially less and patient requests can be dealt with at least 30% faster

“it has been an invaluable tool that has revolutionized the way we handle prescription orders and communicate with our patients. I highly recommend PharmacyConnect to fellow pharmacists looking to enhance their practice and provide exceptional care to their patients” John Irwin – Lombard Pharmacy, Dublin

What's the problem?

Your staff are overwhelmed and your patients are frustrated

Pharmacy staff are inundated: they want to serve patients well but they are getting it from all angles. By getting an app built on Ireland’s best pharmacy app platform, you’ll enable your staff to move faster, reduce the risk of errors and also delight your patients: our apps receive on average 5 ratings in app stores. 

Pharmacy staff are stressed and overwhelmed

Patients want responsiveness but don't always need an answer right away

Free up your phone line and give staff and patients a break

Ireland's Pharmacy App

Key Benefits

Save pharmacy staff time and delight your patients

Save staff time

Deal with patient requests 30% faster by utilising integrated time-saving tools.

Reduce scope for errors

Clear user interfaces and written records reduce scope for error.

Use downtime more effectively

Deal with patient requests when it suits you: mornings and slack periods.

Facilitate payments and deliveries

Stay flexible with integrated tools to help you serve your patients.

Delight your patients

Our pharmacy app clients generally get 5 star reviews in the app stores.

Key Benefits of Pharmacy Connect

But don’t take our word for it.

Read what some of our delighted clients say:



I like that it helps us and manage our time better with prescriptions. The customers can order them on the app and stops the phone ringing. Our phone is usually ringing loads on Monday, but the customers are now ordering over the weekend on the app. This gives us the chance to manage the time and get the prescriptions done a lot quicker and easier.

Alex Maycock


The user experience at both the patient and pharmacy ends is really great. It's building up to be a real timesaver for the pharmacy and also serves as a record of what the customer ordered reducing the potential for errors or omissions on both sides. I'm very pleased to have the app in place and feel assured that we have taken the right step to futureproof our business with our valued customers. I would recommend the PharmacyConnect platform for any Irish pharmacy.

david dodd pharmacy greystones
David Dodd


The PharmacyConnect App has allowed us to be more accessible to patients whilst giving us the ability to meet their needs in a more manageable fashion. Patients can request and communicate with us securely without getting frustrated and we can manage expectations by meeting their needs in a more orderly manner. Having the the app also means that patients can order their prescriptions when it suits them and we can manage when we come back to them. It's a better work life balance for our team and better for patients too.

Mark Domican


Putting in place our app with the PharmacyConnect platform has been really straightforward. The time investment needed to get going was relatively low and the team provided all the things we needed to promote it. Full training was provided to our team. We are very impressed with the quality of the platform which is way ahead of anything else we looked at and are confident of the ROI on our investment. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the platform.

Iwona Machaczka


PharmacyConnect has been transformative for us. Our symbolises our enduring connection with our patients who have rated it 5-stars. It has been pivotal in enhancing our operations and the significant growth we’ve seen in its use by patients over the past six months. The feedback from our customers is overwhelmingly positive across all age groups. It underscores that patients, even those into their 90s, appreciate a simple, seamless way to interact with us, and PharmacyConnect enables that.

Piero Cambursano

We’re helping our community pharmacies survive and thrive

It’s an all-round better solution for staff, patients just love it and it’s turning the needle for pharmacies across Ireland. Will you let us help your pharmacy survive and thrive today?

Cut down on phone calls

Replace phone calls with a much more efficient channel.

Reduce the back and forth

Replace multiple conversations with clear written instructions.

Make staff and patients happier

Your pharmacy is trusted, now make it loved!


Free up staff time

Our pharmacies process patient orders and requests faster

Making it happen

We can deliver your branded pharmacy app in 21 days.


Design and deploy

We use your pharmacy branding to build your pharmacy app and fully manage submissions to app stores. We take care of all design requirements and even give you print-ready assets to use on social media and around your pharmacy.


Get staff up to speed

We train your staff so that they understand the power of the platform, how to use it and how to communicate its benefits to patients. We’re always on hand to support and guide where needed.


Launch to your patients

With a few simple steps, your patients will flock to your app and you’ll see improvements to how your business runs from day one. We’ll even help you with marketing if you like.

Trusted by pharmacies across Ireland

Join the dozens of pharmacies that have already made the leap

Dozens of community pharmacies across Ireland trust us with their pharmacy apps. Let us show you how your branded pharmacy app can make a meaningful impact on your business.

You and your staff work too hard to ignore

how a pharmacy app can help you.

 You and your team work hard to deliver the very best service to your patients, but if you’re not already using a patient app that’s fit for purpose today then you are running huge hidden inefficiencies. Give pharmacists and other pharmacy staff a break and delight your customers at the same time.  It’s time to make the change!

10 ideas you can implement today

to become the best pharmacy in your community

We’re on a mission to help Irish community pharmacy thrive, and have collated 10 actionable tips to make your pharmacy the very best it can be: helping you attract and retain staff and build a profitable business more efficiently, and delighting your patients along the way. Running a pharmacy doesn’t have to be a grind!

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